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Permanent Makeup
Semi-Permanent Makeup

Both procedures are called permanent cosmetics, micropigmentation, facial tattooing or PMU...

In "permanent makeup" - the color pigment is implanted deeper under the skin. In "semi-permanent" - the color goes more superficially in the upper layers of skin.

Both of them last for years giving you a self-confidence and a fresh healthy appearance all year around!

No more worries about reapplying makeup during exercising or travelling. It is a time saver for busy women, Moms, students, nurses, who has allergies, poor eyesight, watery eyes or wear contact lenses, unsteady hand, alopecia...

Create The Look You Like and Look like a Winner!

Semi-Permanent Makeup:
the Secret of Youth!

If you are looking for a magic method that will provide you
the "Instant Face Lift" without a plastic surgery and make you feel happy at the same time,
then Permanent Cosmetics is for YOU!

She was beautiful in her 20s!
She is amazing in her 80s!

Don't Let "Just Anyone" Touch Your Face

When PMU applied by a skilled and well-educated professional micropigmentation is safe and comfortable.
You will experience the positive results.

Before each procedure a topical anesthetic (click) must be applied for 30 minutes to reduce any pain and it will be reapplied during the procedure several times.

After the procedure, normal activities can be resumed right away, although some swelling or redness will be noticable for several days.

Hello! My name is Oxana Vollenweider
I am licensed in New York State as a/an:
  • Permanent Makeup Artist
  • Esthetician (skin care specialist)
  • Teacher for Esthetics (Skin Care) Programs

I also a Graduated Nurse. I specialize in semi-permanent eyebrows, eyeliners, lip color, corrections of old permanent makeup and removal of small skin lesions.

Click on slideshow to see my permanent makeup work
on eyes, eyebrows and lips with different techniques:

Look great from the moment you awake up
to the moment you go sleep!

A Bit More About Me...
My training in Micropigmentation
  • Eyebrows, Lips Liner, Lash Enhancement, NY (2004)
  • Shadding Eyebrows, Corrections, Lips, Eyes, NJ (2014)
  • Hairstroke brows; Full Lips, I-liners, Germany (2015/16)
  • Microblading - hand method, NY (2016) and much more...


One Client at a Time

  • To serve YOU with the cutting edge PMU techniques.
  • To create long-term relationships.
  • To providing the most relevant service and advice.
  • To present you with the Miracle Make-Over.

Your Comfort is Important to Me

My permanent makeup services are nothing to do with selling products or getting bigger by providing you groupons and endless discounts. It is about the semi permanent makeup that permanently Saves your BEAUTY giving you Confidence & Strenght from within!


Always First Visit - 10 % OFF for:

  • Girls -> 18 - 22 yo (bring ID)
  • Seniors -> over 65 years old
  • Alopecia -> lost their brows
  • My business is Safe and Insured

    My Way of Life ~ "There is NO Finish Line!"
    I learn, change, evolve, and grow! I always want to do better!


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