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Topical Anesthetics

What are they?

Your comfort is very important to me.
I use the best topical anesthetics on the US market
to control your unpleasant sensations before and
during the all permanent make procedures.
Some clients are more sensitive and
very nervous before procedure.
Once anesthetic is applied,
the painful sensation is minimal or not al all.

Photo shows - the anesthetic is applied on eyebrows and
covered with the plastic for better penetration
before the pmu procedure.
The waiting time about 30-40 min.
anesthetic before permanent makeup

Anesthetics are not only reduce swelling and bleeding,
they also calm the skin down.
This makes it much easier to do the procedure!
After the procedure
you can notice mild redness:

after permanent makeup procedure

On your History form, you will be asked
few questions about known allergies to any substances
such as -> Tetracaine, Procaine, Benzocaine; or
Amide anesthetics-> Lidocaine, Prilocaine, Dibucaine.

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