Make Your Eyebrows Permanent!

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Eyebrows - are the Power!

Eyebrows are giving the lifting effect to the eyes
and more youthful appearance to the face.
Nice shapped eyebrows attract attention and accentuate the eyes.
Most women have very nice well defying eyebrows
but many need some kind of attention
when the eyebrows are light in color, sparse, blond, or uneven.
It is perfect for busy women, Mom's, and also
for women who has poor vision or unsteady hand.

Methods are used for Eyebrows PMU

Machine Method
- the color pigment
is implemented deeper in the upper layer of the skin,
the Epidermis and lasts for few years.

Microblading or Hand Method
- 3D or 6D Eyebrows
- the thicker color pigment
is inserted very superficially into the skin
and lasts for a short period of time

Machine Method
by Oxana Vollenweider
Age-Less-Line™ Semi-Permanent Makeup

Microblading Method
by Oxana Vollenweider
Age-Less-Line™ Semi-Permanent Makeup

Watch NY 1 about the Microblading

Watch ABC News about the Embroidery

Techniques of PMU Eyebrows

  • Shading or Powder Filled Eyebrows - ideal procedure
    for ladies who has hair in their eyebrows.
    A soft powdery color gives a
    natural effect and fills in sparse areas.

  • Hair Stroke Eyebrows - reffers to a hair simulation or feathering.
    Looks more natural than just a solid color.
    However, the hair stroke alone without any backgroind color
    looks very plain and need more touch-ups.

  • Hair Strokes & Shading - the most natural
    looking style of semi- permanent eyebrows.

  • Partial Fill- can be used in just certain areas of the brows.

  • Ombre Eyebrows - is a new technique that have
    "soft powdered body and light fluffy diffused edges"

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