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Eyeliner PMU
Eyeliner Permanent

Eyelash Enhancer

Elegant Eyeliner Permanent!

Permanent Eyeliner is the great decision for women:
  • who have trouble getting eyeliner even.
  • who embarrassed of smudged or smeared eyeliner under their eyes...
  • who have an allergy to traditional makeup
  • who have thier eyes tears easily
  • who have very light eyelashes
  • who have sparse eyelashes

  • Sensitive Eyes - before Eyelash Enhancement
    Eyelash Enhancer

    Color & Thickness depands on wishes of each woman but
    mostly women ask for the Eyelash Enhancement.
    A very small amount of color pigment is implanted between the eyelashes
    giving a fuller lash look and making the eyes bigger.
    It also is adding depth and
    more definition to the eyes.

    The line looks very natural and makeup can be applied over
    for a day or more dramatic evening look.
    Permanent Eyelash Enhancer
    Permanent Eye Liner

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