Semi-Permanent Makeup

Many people have very attractive smile
with full and colorful lips.
Over the time,the aging process
make the lips smaller and thinner.
The corners of the mouth sag, vertical lines begin to form
causing lipstick to bleed.

Make Your Lips Alive!

Lips fill in PMU
Lips Imediatelly After SPMU

Lips Healed

With permanent cosmetics less full lips and assymetry
can be enhanced and corrected.
Therefore, who wants fuller and/ or more coloroful lips, demands
The Lip Enhancer procedure.

Lips can be "fill in" making lips look much fuller and sexier.
Assimetrical or/and faded lip border
can be corrected or extended with lip liner.
Lips can be shaded to give them very natural look.
The permanent makeup also will help to reduce
verticle lines and stop lipstick to bleed.

It is VERY important to obtain a prescription
for Zovirax or Valtrex even if you are NOT predisposed to cold sores
taking it 3x/day for 3 days before the procedure!

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Do Not Leave the Lipstick on Your Man's Shirt!

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