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Five stars are not enough to rate Age-less-line. I had my brows done by Ms.B (Oxana), who was my teacher at the aesthetics school. She is truly amazing and the best at what she does. She is very professional, and such an artist. Ms. B makes sure her clients are happy and satisfied with her work. She made me exceptionally happy! I love my brows now after the PMU. No more brow pencil, powder, or coloring my brows any more. My brow are just perfect and ready all the time.Thank you Ms.B! Lindita
Oxana is a true professional, very well trained and sweet.She's done an excellent job with the permanent cosmetic tattoo on my eyebrows and eyes and it came out beautifully. I love the colors and shape and the fact that I don't need to do my makeup every single day.I just wake up with it and it's sooo amazing how much time I save because of it.She explained every detail on how to take care of these works of art and what to expect until they heal completely.I'm so happy I found her and this business.She is a real gem and an exceptional talent. Roberta
You did amazing job...I was not sure to get my eyebrows done. I did a lot of research and I found ageless line and from what I heard from my friends , I decided to give it a try. Honesty, during the whole time of the procedure , Oxana is amazing making sure I'm comfortable , afterwards I'm happy that I get my eyebrow & eyelash enhancer done.. I will definitely recommend Oxana... I had a good experience Lorrieta

Thanks, Oxana! I'll see you soon
But happy with your work on my eyebrows. Paola

My first Microblading experience with our lovely Ms.B❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹🌹
Girls, are you still thinking about it? Stop hesitating, just do it!!! Its very important for every woman to look good. This look starts with nicely shaped and groomed eyebrows. Few years ago my eyebrows were ruined by the unprofessional eyebrow technician who just wripped off half of my eyebrow. Since that moment I started an ongoing attempt to “grow out” my eyebrows. I’ve tried different oils, serums, all with little to no effect. Continue Read-> Natalie More
Beautiful work. Happy! Betty

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